Invoice Validation

Invoice validation enables Carrier/Client to identify where it is being overcharged by its Suppliers.

Invoice validation enables the Carrier/Client to identify where they are being overcharged by Suppliers of international voice minutes, and will challenge excessive invoices creating added book profit by way of received rebates.

TWS-PostNet will provide sufficient information, to enable the Carrier/Client to challenge its Suppliers when over-invoiced.

Optimisation services we will do this for both “Once-Off” and “Recurring” over-charging throughout the Carrier/Client complete system


We provide information on all Supplier overcharges to Carriers/Clients for onward dispute or handle the end-to-end dispute process on behalf of Carrier/Client to the Suppliers.

Suppliers overcharge for International Termination and Global Inbound traffic and are typically 10% to 20% of the average monthly Invoiced amount. We have identified and contributed to Cost Benefits as high as 80% on some International destinations.


We offer the initial Invoice Validation Service as a Gain Share. This means if TWS-PostNet doesn’t provide realized Cost Benefit to Carrier, there is no Cost.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Our system delivers control and improved business intelligence, which in turn drives cost reduction across your mobile, fixed and WAN environments. Our SaaS application enables you to optimise your telecom estate by reducing spend, identify billing discrepancies and enable accurate, informed decision-making.

Our powerful analytics enables a comprehensive reporting of assets and usage, so that unnecessary expenditure, under-utilised services, under-performing contracts and uncompetitive tariffs can be identified.

The application supports all major currencies.

It provides your business intelligence reporting to:

  • Deliver substantial savings
  • Optimise the telecom estate
  • Deliver better supplier governance
  • Enable user policy management
  • Improve financial management
  • Provide accurate asset control
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