Mobile Content Transfer

Mobile Content Transfer is a Carrier-Branded service used by Carrier subscribers to wirelessly move their content from an old to a new device. This can be achieved at home , in store or a location of your choice.

Mobile Content Transfer:

  • Secure, fast, wireless transfer of personal content across operating system, device and network.
  • Transfer content between multiple mobile platforms
  • Replaces expensive cable transfer boxes at stores and kiosks
  • Reduces customer wait times and saves internet bandwidth costs
  • Supports multiple channels including retail sales, online and care
  • Easy to use white label solution
  • Full carrier grade cloud solutions to on-board applications and extend cloud value-add offerings.
  • Allows transfer from competing operator

Data transfer can include:

  • User contacts
  • Video, Music, Pictures & Documents
  • SMS & MMS Messages
  • Call Log History
  • Simple User Experience, simple wireless, peer to peer solution that can accommodate scale of transactions in stores or can be done at home.
  • Support all Channels. Online, Partner retail and own-brand retail
  • No connectivity, no problem. Use Wi-Fi direct to pair devices and transfer content.
  • WhiteLabel Solution. Carrier Branded

There are real challenges when customers try to transfer data across operating systems, devices and networks.
Our Mobile Content Transfer Solution provides a quick wireless peer-to-peer (P2P) or cloud-based content transfer solution.

Customers can now transfer their most valuable personal content including contacts, photos, music, videos, and more to new devices, operating systems, and networks.

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