Clone Phone Value Proposition-Simple, Cross platform, Secured.

Clone Phone Value Proposition Simple

Data is continuously backed- up via a silent background upload

Cross platform

Unlike OEM solutions, ours helps people transfer data from one ecosystem to another


Devices can be remotely located, locked or wiped

Clone Phone Features

  • System reachable through 3G/4G networks of WiFi
  • Account creation / deletion (grace period of 14 days)
  • Backup / Restore data
  • Activate automatic cloning (not available on iOS) or trigger manual clone
  • Setup Lock, Wipe & Locate Features
  • User’s account summary and device information available
  • User’s class of service displayed
  • Already cloned data are displayed (for downloading purposes to computer)
  • Lock, Wipe, Locate & Ring feature controls available
  • Storage status displayed
  • Upgrade Class of service option
  • Change Passcode
  • Lock (Android & BB)
  • Ability to lock remotely a stolen or lost handset
  • At provisioning phase, user registers a security Passcode from the App
  • Passcode required to perform lock & unlock operations
  • User can remotely lock his handset from the Web UI or through binary SMS [LOCK MSISDN PASSCODE]
  • The user can personalize a text message to be displayed on the phone screen
  • User can unlock the device by entering the Passcode on the deviceCall a Friend (Android, iOS & BB)
  • Set an “emergency” contact phone number in the settings of the App
  • Possibility to call this number if phone is locked (“Contact Owner” button)
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