About Us

TWS-PostNet Group are a professional service provider in the IT electronics and Telecom industry. We have worked hard to achieve a Global Foot print having multiple locations in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Since 2003 we have successfully and continue to operate alongside leading blue chip companies.

All our services are tailor-made to suit the requirements of customers operating within the computing, mobile, medical, telecoms, manufacturing, and IT servicing industry.

TWS-PostNet Group have many resources and offer all levels of consultation, pre-prepared presentations and advice appertaining to all aspects of IT Management. We structure projects to customer’s specifications and all our services are flexible, balanced, and manageable.

TWS-PostNet Group specialize in Telecom Technology and computing using the same core team for Europe, USA, and Asia. We have active working relationships with Vimplecom, AT&T, BT, SNCR, among others.

We are a combination of skilled Telecom specific entrepreneurs encapsulating a collective 100 years of experience.

TWS-Postnet Group offer a variety of tools and services to help businesses of all kinds succeed. By making connections between Tier 1 Telecom Companies and industry leading Cloud Software Solution innovators and Software based Activation pioneers we enable our clients to retain, connect and offer value added services to the subscriber. These programs form the backbone of our business; they’ve also enabled entrepreneurs and telecoms companies around the world to grow theirs. We want to make it simpler and faster for consumers to do what they want and help organizations be more productive in facilitating this. Our belief is in the endless possibilities of the Telecom and Cloud industry that has evolved and continues to evolve into the future.