• Cross device Mobile Content Transfer

  • Brand enhancing Cloud Solutions

  • Back Up & Restore Clone Service

  • Trusted Delivery Service Partner

  • Specializing in:
    Russia, Vietnam, South America

  • Class leading Global Implementation team

  • Mobile Solution Architecture

  • Exchange Platform Implementation

  • CDR Reconciliation

Our Solutions

About Us

The TWS-PostNet Group is a professional service provider in the IT electronics, software and Telecommunications industry. Over the years we have strived hard to achieve a Global Foot print with multiple locations in the US, Europe and Asia. Since 2003 our expert team have been working successfully, alongside and within strategic partnerships with leading companies around the world.

All our services are tailored to suit the requirements of customers operating within the computing, mobile, medical, telecoms, IT manufacturing and servicing industry.

The TWS-PostNet Group have many resources and offer all levels of consultation, adoption, implementation and comprehensive advice appertaining to all the varied and complex aspects of IT Management.
We structure projects to customer’s individual specifications, all our services are flexible,
scale-able and deliverable!


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